Mindful Masses

When I grow up, I want to be an archive.

last year, and now thinking about this year. (got this at Idlehand SF by Erik Jacobsen)
Escaped to studio E and making progress on sinking ships. #art #illustration

Spaced Out

Nights like these I enjoy standing in the rain with an umbrella waiting for this.  Excitement in the sky.  4/12/12

Replaced the foot and the feed dog to our Union Special.  The new foot was specially casted and created.  

Levi’s Red Line Barn Coat.  Created and designed with the idea in mind it would last for the next 125 years by Rikke Korff.  This jacket was designed in a few different fabric selections.  Two of the fabrics where only exclusive in Japan, one fabric worldwide.  There were a few samples that never made it to production and this one never made it, making it one of a kind.  Created in the early 90’s, today it was purchased for $600. 4/14/12

Awesome, the boys are now riding their #skateboards I made them (Taken with instagram)

Rising Sun Women’s - Skinny Jenny’s 1 year